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As javascript is becoming more popular day by day, Node.js is growing steadily. However, creating a Node.js hosting environment is now easier than before with our Free Node.js Hosting. Thanks to our Node.js-compatible hosting packages, you can run different applications in different versions and environments with a few clicks. Moreover, creating cloning and development environment for running applications is done effortlessly. All our packages currently support versions 6, 8, 9, 10 and 11 to allow you to select an application-based version.

Node.js Control Panel
Node.js Control Panel

We share screenshots below for information about the panel. It’s easy to manage your applications under one dashboard.

As you can see in the gif, you can do a combination of a lot of changes to the development environment. You want to create development stages or test environments in different versions by cloning your existing applications.

In addition, our packages offer dedicated CPU and Ram resources. According to the needs of your application more resources to increase and have a completely flexible structure can be in just a few seconds. We host this infrastructure on enterprise-grade Dell and HP servers entirely with our own hardware, we serve you with EMC storage and Juniper networking equipment.