Terms of Domain Registration

General Domain name registration terms

All domain names that do not meet the conditions for free registration and renewal are subject to the appropriate fees depending on the number of domains ordered, the registration period and the domain extension.

Renewal fees are due for all such domains at the end of the pre-paid period. Registration and renewal fees for such domain names are non-refundable

These services will be automatically renewed by The Company when The Customer's domain registration is up for renewal, and will incur the applicable additional renewal fee unless the customer requests cancellation with at least 48 hours before the due date.

The Company will register the domain name to The Customer and will not own or otherwise control it. The Customer will remain the only owner and operator of the domain name registered for free by The Company. The Customer authorizes The Company to register the domain name on his behalf, using the details submitted during the sign up process.

The Customer can change the domain administrative email and manage it through the Client Area. The Customer is allowed transfer the domain name registered by the Company to another domain name registrar at any time by requesting the domain name's EPP key from The Company by submitting a ticket or via other support channel.

Redemption fees applicable in domain name registrations

Redemption period is a domain registry period of up to 30 days that occurs when a domain name is suspended after having expired due to non renewal. Instead of just getting deleted and returning to the pool of domain names available for registration, The Company's registry keeps a hold on the domain name in a what is technically called as Redemption Period. During this 30-day period, The Customer is allowed to retrieve the domain name from deletion by contacting The Company. This process costs an additional fee to The Company, which is billed to The Customer.

The appropriate redemption fee should be paid by The Customer if the renewal request of an additional domain name is received in more than 30 days after the expiration of the domain.

The Redemption fee is $199USD and may be subject to change, if The Company meet significant trouble in retrieving the domain name back on behalf of The Customer. Registration, renewal and redemption fees for such domain names are not subject to refund by The Company.

The Customer agrees that The Company will not be responsible for canceled domain names that he has failed to renew in the given period, either automatically or manually in the time frames indicated in this Agreement.

If The Customer does not redeem his domain name prior to the end of the registry's redemption grace period, The Company will release their domain name and it will become available for registration on a first-come-first-served basis.

The above redemption policies apply for all domain names that do not fall in the .eu domain name authority. As per EURID (the operator of .eu domain name registrations), an .eu domain name must be renewed prior to its expiration date. If The Customer fails to comply with this requirement, the domain name is sent into Redemption Period from day one after expiration and The Company cannot be held liable for any damage, suffer or loss this policy causes.

Domain transfers to The Company

The Company will provide The Customer with domain name transfer services, where such are needed and the desired extension is supported by The Company's registration authority. The Customer agrees to thoroughly, accurately and honestly complete all forms and requests for information provided by The Company throughout the process.

The Company will charge The Customer an appropriate fee for the domain transfer, depending on the domain name extension. This fee is not subject to refund.

The Customer agrees that The Company will not be responsible for any false or misleading information they provides, whether intentionally or unintentionally.

The Company notify the customer if the transfer is not successful with the needed steps that they need to follow in order to finalize the transfer. The Company will reinitiate the transfer process free of charge up to 5 times upon request by the Customer. If further attempts are required after the 5th retry additional fees may be applied by the company. The Company cannot be held responsible if a domain transfer is not successful.

External Domain Names

The Company will allow The Customer to sign up for an account with a domain name registered elsewhere. The Customer acknowledges that by doing so, The Company cannot be held liable for any faults, misfortunes and other issues caused by inoperability of the third party registered the domain name for The Customer.

The Company will provide The Customer with appropriate DNS records, in terms of addresses and zones, which can be used for pointing a domain name registered elsewhere towards the hosting server where The Customer's account resides. The Customer understands and agrees that additional time might be required for the DNS propagation after the DNS change for their service with the Company to become accessible via the chosen domain.

ICAN and Registrar Terms

In addition to the TOS included on this page, all domain name registrations are subject to the terms and conditions of the SAVAS OÜ's registrar. As a condition of this TOS, you agree to be bound by the rules and regulations and dispute resolution policies applicable to each domain name applied for on your behalf. Details of these terms and conditions are available here:

ICANN Policy:



Client Area