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Node.js Hosting

Starting from $1.49

WordPress Hosting

Starting from $1.49

Laravel Hosting

Starting from $1.49
Why Vernode?

Reasons for choosing Vernode

We offer our customers the most up-to-date services with a unique and powerful control panel.

20+ Cloud Services

We keep our cloud services up to date by keeping up with new technologies.

Distributed Infrastructure

We provide service with geographically redundant locations with all of the products we offer.

Multi User and Client Accounts new

Invite your team from different departments to your dashboard or give access to your customers.

Instant Activation

No confirmation and waiting time for order. The service you pay becomes active and you can start using it instantly.

Lets's Find You a Domain!

Developer Hosting

Unlike our competitors, we offer Git and SSH access, and we always support developers.

Git and SSH Support

Node.js Hosting

Try 7 Days
  • Node 6, 8, 9, 10
  • NPM
  • SSH
  • Git
  • Instant Activation

WordPress Hosting

Try 7 Days
  • Wordpress 4, 5.0, 5.1, 5.2
  • Free WordPress Manager
  • SSH
  • Git
  • Manage Multiple WordPress Installations

Laravel Hosting

Try 7 Days
  • Laravel 4 & 5
  • Easy Install
  • SSH
  • Git
  • Instant Activation

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We offer our Web Hosting services with a rich list of features with our partners.

Multiple Location

Our servers located in all over Europe.

CloudLinux OS

For a secure operating system environment, we prefer CloudLinux.

NVMe Drives

NVMe drives provide read and write speeds beyond the SSD.


The industry's most advanced control panel cPanel powers our servers.

Free SSL

All hosting packages include free SSL certificates.

WordPress Manager new

Manage multiple sites from a single panel with WordPress Manager.

Node.js Manager new

You can develop applications using Node.js on all our servers.

CloudFlare Railgun

CloudFlare Railgun integration provides fast opening sites.

Malware Detection & Prevention

All our servers are constantly scanned for malware.

Git Support

You can create a repo using the Git commands in your account, or copy an existing repo.

SSH Supprt

Manage your hosting account like a pro with SSH connection.

Reliable Email

Thanks to our e-mail distribution servers located in different locations, never worry about email failure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hosting is a service that helps you get your website online, so you have an online presence. Hosting service is the space that is actually necessary to store the content found on your website. We can say where all your images, databases, videos and other parts of your website are stored. Also, although you need a domain name for your website, please note that domain registration and web hosting are actually two different services. If you have an existing domain name, you can transfer it to our company, as well as register a new domain name. We can explain the relationship between web hosting and domain name with the following example. You can simulate hosting and building a new home. A domain name is actually how your visitors will find you. Just as your new home needs an address to be found by people, your web hosting service needs a domain name.
To purchase hosting, you can start by reviewing our hosting packages for you. Then you can continue by clicking on the buy package of your choice. With this redirect, we will redirect you to our user panel. You can proceed to the shopping cart by selecting the hosting package options that meet you in our user panel. In the next step after the shopping cart, you make your payment on the payment screen that meets you and activate your service instantly. After successful payment, our panel will direct you to the user interface where you will be able to access your hosting account as well as the pages where you can manage many different tools and services. From this point on, we can find solutions to your problems by contacting our team at any point where you feel the need for help.
If you have a simple website, starter packages are an excellent choice. Specifically, if you publish your website for the first time, if you own a small business website, or just run a website as a hobby with minimum resource requirements, this is the fastest and most convenient type of service you can get. Web hosting is also a popular option if you are running a simple blog or forum. Web Hosting is also a popular option for users who don't know what kind of resources they need. You can start with entry level Web hosting packages and exit to the top packages with a few clicks. So as your site grows, you can expand your hosting account in parallel with your hosting needs. If you have any questions about which web hosting plan to choose, our technical support team is ready to answer your questions.
It is very easy to create your website after you have successfully purchased and activated your hosting account. When you enter your hosting package details in the services section of your control panel, the applications sub page will meet you. On the Applications page, you can install more than 400 different web applications at the click of a button. If you recommend WordPress for beginners you can also test using different applications. From a simple blog site to your e-commerce business, we offer you a single panel for a wide range of applications.
SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a standard security technology used to create an encrypted connection between a server or website and a client. SSL ensures that sensitive information such as credit card numbers, important user data, and login information are securely transmitted from your web browser to the server or website. Normally, data sent between browsers and web servers is sent in plain text, leaving you vulnerable to an attacker in between. If an attacker is able to track all data sent between a browser and a web server, it can view and use this information. Using SSL to prevent this is an important detail. In recent years, Google and other large companies have started to pay more attention to sites that use SSL. For example, an SSL-certified site is likely to increase in Google rankings.
Hosting prices depend on many technical factors such as the servers we use in our infrastructure, the energy we consume in the data centers, cooling and cabin space in addition to the hardware. We are extremely sensitive in determining our prices and we do not decide on the budget of our customer.