Incoming Filter

  • Full Inbox protection
  • Easy configuration
  • Various reporting options
  • Extremely accurate filtering
  • Increase inbound email continuity & redundancy
  • Friendly interface
  • Compatible with any mail server

Outgoing Filter

  • No more blacklisting
  • Avoid de-listing related costs
  • Protect the reputation of your brand
  • Increase email continuity and delivery
  • Improve abuse manageability

Email Archiving

  • Never lose an email again!
  • Achieve legal compliance
  • User friendly data-protection management
  • Compressed, encrypted and secure archive
  • Improve IT system performance
  • Added email continuity, journaling support, and easy re-delivery

Frequently Asked Questions

1How does it work?
Email is routed through SpamExperts intelligent self-learning servers that will detect and block spam before it ever reaches you.
2How accurate is the filtering?
Thanks to processing millions of emails every day, our email filters have an industry leading rate with close to 100% accuracy.
3Can I recover messages that get blocked?
Yes, a comprehensive control panel with log-search, quarantine, and many other tools allows you to check the status of any email which passed through the system.
4How long does it take to setup?
Setup is fast, automated and it will be up and running protecting your email in minutes.
5What is Email Archiving?
Email is so important nowadays, with archiving email is securely stored, giving you extra confidence and peace of mind.
6How much email can I store?
Email Archiving includes 10GB of compressed email storage by default. If you need more storage, additional 10GB licenses can be added.
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